Adoreas Red D… Dancer and Kimba puppies


Beach babes and boys

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Puppy happiness

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Troja and Miss Grey

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Troja and Miss Orange

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Look at this sweet pics from yesterday!!!!

The pups visit my work

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I use to bring every litter to my work so my colleagues can meet them (and see what all mye spare time goes to), and the pups get that socialization as well:

The D’s at the vet

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Yesterday all the 7 pups were at the vet to get some vaccine, chip and to check that everything are fine with them. And they all passed the vet’s critical eyes! 🙂

The pups checking out the office

The pups meet the vet assistant. They are a social gang!

They even want to taste her hair! 🙂

17th of May out in the woods

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We brought the pups out in the woods with Caprice and RR Mea. They climbed and walked on different surfaces, and tasted at many things. And had a blast! 🙂

Johoo, here we come!

Miss Orange

Mr Blue

Mr Brown

Miss Grey

Miss Purple – the climber

Miss Purple

Miss Yellow

Miss Orange

Miss Orange

Miss Orange

Miss Purple

Miss Orange – the crazy girl

Miss Grey

Miss Pink

It’s only 1 year between them…

Miss Purple

Mr Brown

Mr Brown

Mr Brown

Caprice and Miss Yellow

Miss Yellow and Miss Grey

RR Mea, Miss Orange and Mr Blue


Miss Yellow and RR Troja

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Erik took this funny pics of RR Troja and Miss Yellow the other night. Troja is so much more interested in the pups now and she even want to play with them:

Car rides

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The pups have been to lots of car rides the last weeks, and they are so comfortable about it. They sleep almost as soon as I start the engine! Here are some pics from the car (mum Kimba in the crate next to the pups):


The country side

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Thursday (the pups 7 weeks old) I took the pups to an excursion out at the country side. Along come Hanne (Adoreas Red Azanto) and kids. Here the pups met horses, hens and a cat. The weather was not the best, so not the best light to take pictures in.

Horse Djastin, Mr Blue and Erik’s mum

And horse Dama

Pony tail? 😉

Djastin, Miss Pink and me

Miss Pink

Miss Yellow and hen

Miss Orange

Miss Purple

Mr Blue and Erik’s dad

Miss Pink

Mr Blue and Miss Pink

Miss Orange

Cat Tussi and Miss Yellow

Miss Yellow posing

Miss Pink

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