Adoreas Red D… Dancer and Kimba puppies


The first pictures of the 7 new Adoreans and their proud mum

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The birth of the Adoreas D-gang

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14:35 It’s now 45 minutes since the water broke. We vent for a walk and more water was flowing on our way home. No sign of the pupps yet! Both Kimba and I sits in the puppy pen now. Everything is ready!!!!

15:35 No newsĀ to write about šŸ™‚

16:12 Nope, no news yet!

17:00 I was starting to getting stressed because nothing happen, but when I was going to call the vet there was much more water comming. So now we have to wait and see a bit more.

17:15 A boy!!!!!!!!!!!! A beautiful one!!!!

18:00 A boy!!!

18.55 A sweet girl!

19:15 A girl!

20:00 A girl!

20:55 A girl!!

21:54 Kimba is more calm now, so I don’t know if there are more puppies. She still has a big belly, butĀ remembering what she looked likeĀ I think it will be hard for her to get in fit before beach 2010! šŸ˜‰ She is now a very proud mum to 4 girls and 2 boys. They all look just wonderful and I can’t wait to see them grow up! Kimba sends some proud greetings to dad Dancer in Poland!

00:25 One moreĀ girl! I’m a bit surprised, but very happy! Kimba silent moved herself to the other part of the puppy pen (away from the 6 pups), and licked herself behind and volĆ”! The 5th girl in a row!

Day 62 and the D-day?

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0659: It’s been a night with not much sleep, butĀ no birthĀ yet. She had just been outside, doing things, and now she layes in my bed here at the puppy room. Breating very heavy, and tryes to get some rest.
I have some problem with the internet axcess here at the puppy room today, but I hope I will be ableĀ to update you during the day. Last night everything was excellent with the internet here atĀ the Jensen’s,Ā but not thisĀ morning.
Bitches that had litters before is getting bigger every time, so I’m not sure that the one of you that have guesses very many pups are right. But soon we know!!!

11:28: We have got some sleep the both of us, but now Kimba is very restless again. She has trown up twise (just water) and jump up and down from the bed. She also told RR Troja NOT to be inside of her puppy room, she wants to have all my attention and cuddle. Will not share that with sis Troja today. šŸ™‚
The internet connection is running again, so now I don’t need the slow mobile internet (that I always carry with me). Puh!

13:52 The water hasĀ brooken!!!

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