Adoreas Red D… Dancer and Kimba puppies


The pups going nuts in the living room

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The first meeting

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This Monday Anne Lise (Lauvstua) was here visiting. We had a great time going trough the puppies. Thanks for the visit!
The pups was introduced to bird and a deer dummy for the first time. It was to dark to take photos so here are only a few. I’m sorry that I haven’t any pics of the pups carrying the dummy. Small pups – big dummy! 😀


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We have lots of visitors, and it’s extra pleasent that puppy buyers from our previous litters also come to meet the new Adoreans!

Hege (Adoreas Red Bailey) and Stine (Adoreas Red Camille)

Tone (Adoreas Red Alpha) with some little friends

Jan and Nina (Adoreas Red Bel Canto and Adoreas Red Conrad)

Hanne  and Ina (Adoreas Red Azanto)


Caprice and the pups

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Caprice is so tender and kind, and she just love to be around the pups:


A sunny day

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I haven’t shared this lovely pics with you, and it’s over a week since I took them. Shame on me!! Enjoy them!

Miss Yellow and Miss Orange

Miss Purple

Troja and the pups

Look at those moves!!!  😉

Miss Orange and Miss Purple

Miss Yellow

Troja wants to be outside with us, but she thinks the pups are awful… 😉

Hahaha, look at Troja’s eyes! The pups knows that she is kind, but that they not should climb on her.

Miss Yellow and Mr Brown

Mr Brown

Miss Yellow

Mr Brown and Miss Yellow (or Miss Grey)

Miss Purple

Miss Orange

Mum Kimba washes her baby

Miss Orange

Miss Pink

Miss Grey

What’s up, bro?

Out two stunning boys; Mr Blue and Mr Brown

Miss Orange, Miss Pink and Miss Yellow

Miss Yellow

Miss Purple

Mr Brown

Mr Blue

Our all 7 wonders playing!!! And having a good time!!!!


Finally the first stacked pictures

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We did take some stacked pictures last Thursday, but they were dark because we took them inside in the evening. But this weekend we had some lovely weather so we took some outside. Big thanks to Erik for helping me taking the photos! This was first time he helped me taking stacked pics of puppies and I’m impressed! Because it’s not easy to know what angel to take the photos etc… You did great, Erik!!!!

Mr Brown stacked 5,5 weeks old

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Mr Blue stacked 5,5 weeks old

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Miss Purple stacked 5,5 weeks old

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Yellow stacked 5,5 weeks old

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